A novel retail experience of tech and mobility launches with Singtel’s new box of wonder

The pop-up store was conceptualized to be a container that was modular without compromising design. A round-the-clock store kitted out with the latest digital-enabled features, service can be called upon through three video-assisted self-serve kiosks. Moving from downtown to neighborhood community, the hybrid service and lifestyle environment is shapeshifting retail experiences. 

Watch it in motion below: 

Interview with Crystal Chu, Creative Director

Our Creative Director, Crystal Chu, had a chat with the team over at World Exhibition Stand Awards following our double win with La Prairie and L’Oreal at Tax Free World Association Asia Pacific 2019. She discusses Kingsmen’s resilience and response amid the COVID-19 pandemic and how we pivot according to the changing times and support brands by offering alternative solutions.

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KR+D conceptualises new living spaces for migrant workers

A concept that hopes to start conversations and inspire others to propose alternative living spaces for migrant workers, our designers considered a new era for spatial design and planning. From layout to material, modern elements of biophilic design and modular structures speak to wellbeing being a main concern in designing community spaces.

The most iconic element of our proposed architect conceptualised a tropical vernacular for the community. The proposed structure considers large overhangs, a porous layout with functional facade design. The octagonal shape of the building is intentional, making up eight rectangular forms of which are the positions of the rooms. Modular forms of the built aims for a fuss-free approach through the production and construction stage, especially if implemented on a wide-scale for the typical population expected for dormitories. Particular attention was emphasised on using prefabricated technology and low-density design to create a new archetypal layout that can be easily replicated and economically sound.

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