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KR+D, Thematic & Attractions l 2018

BUDS by Shangri-La

Combining relaxation and recreation, we present BUDS by Shangri-La - an interactive play space dedicated to children’s developmental growth. An enhancement of the guest experience under the Shangri-La hospitality group, the aim was to invent a memorable place for quality time

to engage

Exploring an adventurous journey concept, Kingsmen created an original, self-directed and experiential environment for young minds. Drawing elements from the Chinese classic “Journey to the West”, each play arena goes through challenges to avoid danger or progress to new zones of imagination.  

To cater to different ages, an additional toddler zone was set up, in line with safety requirement for children age 4 and below to approach entertainment in a soft play area. In the main play zone, the multi-leveled tactile playground aims to further engage the children in activity.

to inspire

For a fulfilling playtime, each engagement targets the senses in vibrant colours or play objects. The dynamic concept also features a wet play area, fully-equipped cooking classroom, a drawing room, and other amenities to explore the talents and skills unique to each individual. 

to activate

The immersive indoor and outdoor play space of 2,150sqm is an expansive themed attraction for family bonding and fun. Beyond taking young minds on a journey, BUDS by Shangri-La caters to parents’ decision to either facilitate their kids, participate in programmes together or rest while their kids venture off safely. 

The entire themed attraction has its distinct and versatile branding bolstered by Kingsmen. Tying in the whimsical and fantastical playground are expressive colours in each room, encouraging curiosity within an evocative learning space.  

key services

ideation & concept design

visual branding

storytelling & experience

design management

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