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Heilan Group Horse Cultural Experience Pavilion

A unique equestrian facility featuring evolution of horses is housed in the vast 4,200sqm museum space by Heilan Group. The Heilan Group Horse Cultural Experience Pavilion provides visitors with a multi-dimensional theatrical setting, immersing in the royalty of valuable horses that have served humans in the history of civilization.

to inspire

The cultural objectives of the horse museum is amplified in theatrical expressions through staging art technique, lighting artistry and multimedia technology. Each scene denotes a grand gesture with the planning of interactive display, special sound and lighting to narrate the storyline. With careful selection of material to make thematic environments, the design and project team collaborate extensively, coordinating with suppliers to fully realise the experience as if entering different time realms at every zone.  

key services

ideation & concept design

multimedia integration

spatial design & build


"Our desire for a unique visitor experience was perfectly captured by Kingsmen through the design and build of the Horse Cultural Experience Pavilion. The collaborative approach undertaken was enriching and we hope that this pavilion will lead to new and innovative initiative within the museum industry"

- General Manager of Heilan Group (2016)

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