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Retail Interiors l 2018

Magnum Pleasure Store, Seoul

Transforming flavourful experiences from the first bite to the first store, we were tasked to design and produce a remarkable pleasure store for Magnum in Korea. The first physical store in the country dedicated to the signature Belgian chocolate brand, the environment was to encourage time spent in enjoying the luxurious taste and royal indulgence of Magnum.

to engage

Using a combination of contemporary ‘art deco’ elements and gilded patterns, the store comes alive vividly in decadence. Visually engaging motifs of rich chocolate drops along the main counter wall of the space and golden droplet designs suspended from ceilings enhance the exuberant flavours promised by the brand.  

The impressionable details of the gilded drops of indulgence later become a recurring motif for Magnum Pleasure Stores in other cities worldwide. With intricate details to furnishing and partitions coated in gold and gloss, a sophisticated and well-thought design was completed in time for its opening. 

to activate

The appeal does not end with the visuals. Multimedia screens were installed to encourage social media sharing, inspiring customers to #takepleasureseriously with their
own combination of ice cream flavours and then sharing it with the world.

key services

project & design management

visual branding

ideation & concept design

material acquirement

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