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MONOPOLY DREAMS™ includes a variety of interactive games in a MONOPOLY-themed space, with the game localised within Hong Kong’s edition. Exploring the attractions as a means to uncover the popular board game’s history and story, visitors are also immersed in the experience as they try their luck and win prizes in interactive games.

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Our design and visitor journey was greatly inspired by the story behind Mr. MONOPOLY, the iconic mascot behind the board game. Mr. MONOPOLY was given a personality and a backstory, all of which visitors could discover and experience in this attraction. Visitors start the experience by taking an elevator that leads to Mr. MONOPOLY’s secret residence, where visitors can browse through rare Monopoly collectibles, a library of MONOPOLY tokens, and take photos with Mr. MONOPOLY’s antique race car – a classic metal car game token that has been supersized.  

After exploring Mr. MONOPOLY’s residence, visitors can begin their games and pass the ‘Go’ sign, walking through a neon-lit tunnel to enter MONOPOLY City, a town where iconic MONOPOLY elements have been brought to life. Visitors can visit the ‘Jail’, ‘Water Works’ and ‘Electric Company’ to participate in interactive games, and even head into the ‘Train Station’ for a multimedia 4D show where visitors participate by helping Mr. MONOPOLY chase after the burglar that has stolen a valuable diamond from his mansion. 

Entrance of MONOPOLY HK

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As with every board game, the best part of a MONOPOLY game is earning money and winning. Visitors can step into the ‘Bank’ to win MONOPOLY cash coupons that can be spent at the attraction’s gift shop and cafe. They can also enter the ‘Community Chest’ to spin a wheel and win prizes ranging from food coupons to plane tickets! 

Our design brought to life a 2D board game to create an immersive visitor experience. Well-loved and iconic elements from the board game were transformed into refreshing interactive experiences that were both nostalgic for fans of the board game and also exciting for tourists looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon.

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MONOPOLY DREAMS™ is located at Peak Galleria, Hong Kong.

Visit the MONOPOLY DREAMS™ website for more information.

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The NAX Centre opened officially on 1st October 2019 to the public.

Visit the Nerf Action Xperience website for more information.

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